#HCACMascotMadness (Quarterfinals)

Here’s how it works: The field is seeded based on last year's Commissioner Cup standings and HCAC fans will vote on every matchup. 

Voting will take place via Twitter and Facebook.  Spread the word so your favorite school has a better chance of advancing throughout the tournament.

Bluffton's J. Denny Beaver beat MSJ's Joe Lion by a vote of 1039-37 and Anderson's Rodney Raven edged Earlham's Big Earl by a single vote 475-474 to advance to the quarterfinals.

Voting will open for the quarterfinals at 10AM July 15 and close at 5PM.

The four winning mascots from the quarterfinals will advance to the semifinals on July 16 with voting open until 5PM that afternoon.

The two winning mascots from the semifinals will clash in the championship with voting open from 10AM til 5PM July 17.

Bragging rights are on the line so vote for your favorite HCAC mascot! #HCACMascotMadness

Quarterfinal Match ups:

No. 1 Rosie vs. No. 9 J. Denny Beaver

Voting has closed!

No. 4 Spartacus vs. No. 5 Crimson Crazies


Voting has closed!

No. 2 The Panther vs. No. 7 Rodney Raven

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No. 3 Griz vs. No. 6 Buzz

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