MSJ's Rod Huber to Travel to Nigeria with NFL Player Amobi Okoye to Lead Football Camp

MSJ's Rod Huber to Travel to Nigeria with NFL Player Amobi Okoye to Lead Football Camp

Release courtesy of Mount St. Joseph

CINCINNATI, OH –The College of Mount St. Joseph head football coach Rod Huber will leave March 8 with Chicago Bears defensive lineman Amobi Okoye for a 10-day trip to Nigeria to teach the fundamentals of American football to local children through several football camps.  Huber and Okoye will join other NFL players and others as part of the Amobi Okoye Foundation's mission to promote American football in Africa, bring water supplies to villages and promote health and wellness.

Huber will visit three different cities in Nigeria, hosting football camps for 300 kids at each location.  His main job will be teaching the coaches the fundamentals of coaching since they are learning the rules of American football.  There currently is not an organized league of American football for African youth.  Huber also serves as camp director at a number of NFL youth football camps throughout the United States.

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for coaching and bringing American football to Africa," Huber said.  "I'm also proud to be a part of this mission trip which will help villages with access to clean water systems and other wellness programs which we take for granted."

Huber will blog and use the Mount's official Facebook page and Twitter (@hubienation) to share his experiences with this trip.  The Mount's website will also track 'Coach Hubie's' travels.

The Amobi Okoye Foundation has a global initiative, C.A.T.E. (Changing Africa Through Education) which promotes academics through athletics, provides scholarships, free medical clinics, educational support, and fitness education to support achievement and excellence amount youth in developing nations.  Since 2008, C.A.T.E. has made four trips to Nigeria with the ultimate goal of establishing the game of American football and also to build a prep school that will excel in academics as well as sports. 

Amobi Okoye was drafted by the Houston Texans in the first round on the 2007 NFL draft.  He is the youngest player to ever be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft at only 19 years old.

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